Serving Library Bulletin Book Covers

The Serving Library is a public archive, a physical library, a design residency program, and a publishing program related to activities rooted in the fields of design and art. BULLETINS OF THE SERVING LIBRARY is a composite printed publication that follows a direct line from Dot Dot Dot, the semi-annual journal founded in 2000 and published by Dexter Sinister. The “bulletins” that make up each issue are first published online as PDFs at over a six-month period, then assembled, printed and distributed. Each collection constitutes a semester’s worth of loosely-themed material. For this project, I designed a logo and identity system for The Serving Library, and cover designs for 3 individual “bulletins” to represent a visual system for publishing short-run essays as books in an economical manner. The Serving Library does not currently print the individual bulletins, so this is a hypothetical proposal. Titles for each book cover were selected from the bulletins currently available online in the public library:

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